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Week 15

Week 15 - Class News: 12/8 - 12/12

Unit 2 Test - Tuesday 12/9

We will continue with the balloon powered car project this week.  If you look at the calendar below, I have moved the due date to Tuesday, 12/16.  This move is due to the high number of pullouts and field trips we are or have had which has had an impact on students being behind in the building process.  This week, you will need to finish building your cars by Wednesday and collect data for you car on Thursday and Friday. 

I am trying something new with my website and how I will be posting and linking class assignments.   Although the Google Calendar that you see below has been a part of my website, it has not been an integral part until now. 
I believe this will help students be more organized and see the "big picture" clearly.  This calendar will list the day-to-day labs and projects we are working during class and the due dates for those assignments.  If you are absent from school, you can refer to this calendar to see what you have missed.