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Week 3

Week 3 - Class News: 9/15 - 9/19

We have a big week this week as we start our first unit, Investigation and Experimentation.  Through activities, teacher demonstrations, and labs, we will be

working on gathering quantitative data using proper measurement techniques, designing a good experiment, collecting data, graphing, and analyzing the data.  The topics covered this week will be the use of proper measurement techniques and unit conversions.

Last week we took notes for the first time in class using the video tutorial.  This practice will continue as we transition from note taking as a class assignment to a homework assignment.  You will also be introduced to the study guide this week.  Every week, on Monday, you will be assigned a study guide.  This assignment is used to help you study and prepare for the weekly quiz.  Unfortunately, due to the Papal visit, we will not have a quiz this week, but the concepts learned this week will be on our first quiz the following week.  As always, use the calendar below to stay organized.

We will continue Unit 1 this week.  The concepts covered will be the problem solving method, collaboration, and designing a good experiment (Identifying independent, dependent, and controlled variables.  We will begin the week by undergoing the marshmallow challenge.  This lab will push you to collaborate with your group and use problem solving skills.  Later in the week, we will design a good experiment by learning how to control an experiment.

Unit 1 Quiz 2 - Friday 9/19 - Remember to use your study guide to study for the quiz.


Video Tutorials: