Science Projects

Project Information: 

Balloon Powered Car Project - this is an in-class partner project with an individual/partner write-up. Materials are gathered from group members to build the balloon car. The students will attempt to answer two questions: 1) Which car design will travel 5 meters the fastest, and 2) Which car design will travel the furthest?  The goal is to apply what we've learned about Motion and Forces by building a balloon car that minimizes friction and drag and maximizes applied force.  We then will analyze the Motion and the forces affecting the cars. The biggest challenge is the actual construction of the car. You will run in to some technical issues (car turns, ballon drags on ground, parts fall off your car, or it just doesn't work at all!) that will require more collaboration with your group to solve. Click HERE to go to the Balloon Powered Car Project Document

Boat Construction Project - This is an in-class partner project. Topic focuses are: Experiment Design, experiment procedures, trials, data collection, data analysis, data representation, scientific method, volume, density, mass, and buoyant force. The question we will be attempting to answer as a class is: Which boat design will create the most buoyant force?  You will need to be patient, careful, and attentive to detail.  Click HERE to go to the Boat Project Document

Engineering Projects - Students will be using the engineering design process to design and create a few items.

  • Structural Engineering - Bridge
  • Creative Engineering - Plastic Bag Structure
  • Naked Egg Drop Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering - Bottle Rocket

Google Science Fair Project - Click Here for all information about the Science Fair Project

Balloon Car Project

Unit 3 Presentation 3